XEU AlienAbility Bloodlust
Aliens Berserker

Bloodlust is an ability of the Berserker in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Allows the Berserker to charge any enemy that wounds it.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


Each time a soldier scores a hit on the Berserker, Bloodlust immediately grants the Berserker a free movement action in the direction of the attacker. While Bloodlust allows the Berserker to close much faster with your soldiers than would otherwise be anticipated, it can also be used against the Berserker to draw it into the open, into a crossfire or away from squishy operatives. You can even play tag with them, "pulling" the Berserker back and forth if you have soldiers on each side. Assault classes can do reaction shots on Bloodlust moving, causing heavy damage to the Berserker. Bloodlust is not triggered by reaction shots, so it may on the other hand be better to put soldiers on Overwatch against a far away Berserker rather than shooting immediately and thus drawing the Berserker into attack range. Bloodlust is likewise not triggered by any attacking entity that is hovering above the normal ground level and does not have an adjacent ledge to reach it 1 tile away.

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