Blaster Launcher
Requirement Experimental Powered Weapon
Type Heavy Weapon
Ammo 1
Base Damage 7-10
Armor shredded 3
Effective Range 45
Radius 6

The Blaster Launcher is a heavy weapon in XCOM 2. Like all heavy weapons, it can only be mounted on heavy armor.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

This AI-assisted high explosive shell launcher can guide its explosive projectile around obstacles to ensure maximum target impact.


Blaster Bomb: Fire a guided Blaster Bomb at a target area.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The Blaster Launcher is a high-tech rocket launcher whose projectiles can navigate around blocking terrain.
  • With the right squad composition and tactics, it can be used to devastate groups of enemies from extreme range.

–Inventory description, XCOM 2


  • The W.A.R. Suit can only carry a single charge of the Blaster Launcher per mission in its heavy weapon slot.
  • Base damage is 7-9 with an average of 8 and a 50% chance to get additional point of damage.

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