Berserker Autopsy
Berserker Autopsy XCOM2
Prerequisite Alien Biotech
Required Resources Berserker Corpse
Time Needed
Items Unlocked Overdrive Serum

The Berserker Autopsy is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


This unusual specimen is clearly afflicted by some form of extreme muscular hyperthrophy, although how the species came to exist in this state will require a thorough examination. I suspect the research could lead to varying enhancements for our own troops, perhaps even means of intensifying their own thirst for combat.

Autopsy CommentaryEdit

This fearsome creature, long referred to as a Berserker, is clearly of genetic relation to the other Muton species we've encountered in the field. For reasons yet unknown, this particular variant is unique in that it is altogether consumed by what can only be described as blind rage, a thirst for combat unlike any other creature we've encountered.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Ragnarok

This species was quickly tagged by our forces in the field as a "Berserker," based on it's often irrationally aggressive behavior on the battlefield. Upon initial examnination, it's difficulty to ignore the extreme muscle growth present throughout the specimen, leaving little need for extensive armor or even conventional weaponry for that matter. I suspect the added bulk of the subject to the direct result of an intentional protein deficiency engineered by the aliens explicitly to create the hulking mass we see today. As for its behavior, I can only infer that was intended as well, as the aliens are well within their capability to manipulate the endocrine glands or equivalent for the purpose of hormonal behavior control. In any case, this is an extremely dangerous and unstable species, best avoided by our troops at anything other than long range. R.Tygan


  • 6/6/6/9 corpses are needed for instant research.

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