Beam Cannon
Inv Beam Lmg
Requirement Beam Cannon Research
Type Cannon
Class Grenadier
Cost §250 (§400)
20 (60) Alien Alloys
10 (60) Elerium Crystals
Ammo 3
Base Damage 8-10
Effective Range Medium

The Beam Cannon is a Primary Weapon in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Devising a more powerful, high-volume beam weapon for our Grenadiers required substantial effort, but the firepower it brings is unquestioned.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • The Beam Cannon is the most powerful combat support weapon human forces can deploy.
  • Use upgrades looted from enemies to improve the Beam Cannon's tactical effectiveness.
Tier Shotguns:
Sniper Rifles:
(Specialists, Rangers, Psi Operatives and Rookies)
Tier 1 Shotgun Cannon Sniper Rifle Assault Rifle
Tier 2 Shard Gun Mag Cannon Gauss Rifle Magnetic Rifle
Tier 3 Storm Gun Beam Cannon Plasma Lance Plasma Rifle
Chosen Arashi (none) Darklance Disruptor Rifle
Tier Swords:
Grenade Launchers:
(Psi Operatives)
Tier 1 Sword Grenade Launcher Pistol GREMLIN Psi Amp
Tier 2 Arc Blade Advanced Grenade Launcher Mag Pistol GREMLIN Mark II Advanced Psi Amp
Tier 3 Fusion Blade (none) Beam Pistol GREMLIN Mark III Alien Psi Amp
Chosen Katana (none) Darkclaw (none) (none)

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