Battle Scanner
Prerequisite ADVENT Trooper Autopsy
Required Resources §30 (§50)
Range 28
Radius 12
Uses 2

Battle Scanner is a utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The Battle Scanner Provides extra vision on the battlefield. Soldiers deploy it like a grenade, throwing it to a hidden area of the map that they want to reveal. Any hidden or disguised enemies will be revealed as well.

Tactical Info Edit

  • Battle Scanners reveal an area hidden by the "fog of war" for multiple turns.
  • Battle Scanners also reveal hidden or disguised enemies.

Notes Edit

  • Battle Scanners only take a single action point to throw, and do not end the turn. This means you can use both of them in a single turn to scout a large area of the map at once, or perhaps throw one at a known Chryssalid location to remove it from burrow, and then follow up with a shot.
  • Throwing a Battle Scanner does not break Concealment.
  • Scanning a pod of enemies with the Battle Scanner that you otherwise cannot see will not cause them to become aggressive.
  • Viewing enemies with a Battle Scanner does not allow you to target them with Squadsight.
  • Costs 30 Supplies.
  • Will open doors in its radius when deployed.

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