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Battle Scanner
XEU Sniper BattleScanner
Class Sniper
Rank Lieutenant
Alt. Choice Disabling Shot

Battle Scanner is an ability of the Sniper Class in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Scanning device that, when thrown, creates a new source of vision for 2 turns. Can only be used 2 times per battle.

– In-Game Description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown


The device has limitations, and it is not clear whether this is due to bugs or is intended behavior. Throwing a Battle Scanner through a force-field door yields no view of what is behind the force field. The Battle Scanner is unable to see through cover from its landing point, so in order to get the most out of its sight area it needs to be thrown into an open area. If thrown on an elevated surface it often fails to give any view of the area below, as the Battle Scanner sits on the ground. Sometimes if not thrown properly the battle scanner can get stuck in doors and ramps, in which case it will fail to give any sight at all.

XCOM: Enemy WithinEdit

This expansion, despite not altering the description, grants the Battle Scanner the ability to reveal all cloaked enemies within its scan range, making it useful for uncovering Seekers who have gone into Stealth mode. Additionally, throwing a Battle Scanner through an alien door will now open that door allowing the player the scanner's view but possibly triggering any alien pods just on the other side. The utility of the Battle Scanner for scouting is reduced by the presence of the Mimetic Skin Gene Mod, which allows for safe and unlimited scouting; however, the stealth-revealing ability is valuable in the early game prior to researching Bioelectric Skin.

When selecting an area to deploy the Battle Scanner it will release waves of blue light that, while unable to reveal enemies, will allow you to view the surrounding layout of a map without actually deploying the Battle Scanner. This makes locating alien ships or Meld canisters in the fog of war shockingly easy.


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