Base Augments

Base Augments are a basic set of cybernetic limbs worn by MEC Troopers in XCOM: Enemy Within.


MEC Troopers automatically receive a set of Base Augments upon completing their initial augmentation in the Cybernetics Lab. Base Augments cannot be utilized by MEC Troopers for combat but are worn when not assigned a MEC Suit, when recovering in the infirmary, while receiving a medal, or otherwise off-duty.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Health Bonus: 0
  • MEC Troopers wear their cybernetic base augments when not in combat
  • The arms and legs lack the flexibility for use in the field; hence their removal when the MEC Trooper interfaces with a MEC cybersuit
  • Ideally, they will permit MEC Troopers to resume normal lives should XCOM defeat the invaders


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