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Backpacks are equipment used to provide specialized combat boosts to Agents.

Backpack TypesEdit

By default, all agents are equipped with a Standard Pack, which is a dud that does not confer any special bonuses, though more useful backpacks can be unlocked later on, via schematics found in the field.

Certain packs are also awarded as Dispatch Mission drops.

The following is a list of all the backpacks available in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Found in campaignEdit

Standard Pack
BureauStandardPack Standard-issue backpack, offering no bonuses.
Found in: N/A, given by default.
Sharpshooter Pack
BureauSharpshooterPack All weapons inflict additional head-shot damage.
Found in: The Doctor, second Resupply Station.
Gunner Pack
BureauGunnerPack Reduces damage from enemy attacks and increases magazine size for all weapons, allowing agents to fire longer bursts.
Found in: Operation Grifter, inside the train next to the alien artifact.
Armor Piercer Pack
BureauArmorPiercerPack Significantly increases weapon damage against armored targets.
Found in: Signal From Beyond, behind the first teleporter landing pad.
Medical Pack
BureauMedicalPack Slows bleed-out time when the wearer is incapacitated.
Found in: Operation Guardian, on the first missile control computer.
Tactician Pack
BureauTacticianPack Increases ability range and weapon damage. Reduces damage from enemy fire.
Found in: Signal From Beyond, on the car lift near the garage's exit.
Shield Disruptor Pack
BureauShieldDisruptorPack Significantly increases damage against enemy shields.
Found in: Signal From Beyond, on an alien computer next to a tree house.
Kinetic Acceleration Pack
BureauKineticAccelerationPack Increases damage against enemies without shields.
Found in: Crack in the World, after the first Elite Muton fight.
Range Enhancer Pack
BureauRangeEnhancerPack Significantly increases the range of all abilities.
Found in: Not of this Earth, on a Resupply Station past the bridge after meeting Agent Weaver.
Reaper Pack
BureauReaperPack Significantly increases damage against enemies with low health.
Found in: Not of this Earth, behind a screen showing an image of Axis, after finding Pete.
Anti-Personnel Pack
BureauAntiPersonnelPack Increases weapon damage against unarmored targets.
Found in: Operation Firestorm, inside a big alien building after the Elite Phantom encounter.
Laser Efficiency Pack
BureauLaserEfficiencyPack Doubles laser weapon capacity, allowing agents to fire longer bursts.
Found in: Crack in the World, near the final generator.
Endurance Pack
BureauEndurancePack Increases maximum health. When revived, the wearer also recovers additional health.
Found in: Crack in the World, in front of the Avenger after turning off the gateway to the Zudjari homeworld.
Tactical Focus Pack
BureauTacticalFocusPack Reduces recharge times for all abilities, but weapons become less accurate.
Found in: Not of this Earth, next to a campfire in the caves, near the hunter's hut.

Dispatch Mission dropsEdit

Guardian Pack
BureauGuardianPack Reduces damage taken from all attacks.
Found in: Gearing Up, Dispatch Mission drop.
Point-Blank Pack
BureauPointBlankPack Enemies attacked at close range take more damage.
Found in: Sleepwalkers, Dispatch Mission drop.
Rupture Pack
BureauRupturePack Increases weapon damage against shields and armor.
Found in: Cure, Dispatch Mission drop.
Health Converter Pack
BureauHealthConverterPack Reduces wearer's maximum health, but ability recharge times are much faster.
Found in: Space Junk, Dispatch Mission drop.
Corrosive Plasma Pack
BureauCorrosivePlasmaPack Plasma weapons deal significantly more damage to mechanical enemies.
Found in: Claiming What's Ours, Dispatch Mission drop.
Stabilization Assistance Pack
BureauStabilizationAssistancePack Significantly increases weapon accuracy.
Found in: Nanotechnology, Dispatch Mission drop.
Blast Protection Pack
BureauBlastProtectionPack Significantly reduces damage from explosions and grenades.
Found in: Vendetta, Dispatch Mission drop.
Quick Charge Pack
BureauQuickChargePack Reduces recharge time for abilities.
Found in: Flight Test, Dispatch Mission drop.

In addition, several backpacks are given updated stats and/or descriptions in the Hangar 6: R&D campaign to accommodate the new playstyle.

  • Gunner Pack: Reduces damage from enemy attacks by 10% and increases magazine size for all weapons by 30%, allowing agents to fire longer bursts.
  • Armor Piercer Pack: Increases weapon damage against armored targets by 30%.
  • Guardian Pack: Reduces damage taken by 20% from all attacks.
  • Stabilization Assistance Pack: Reduces weapon climb by 15% and increases weapon accuracy by 35%.
  • Shield Disruptor Pack: Increases damage against enemy shields by 30%.
  • Blast Protection Pack: Reduces damage taken from explosions and grenades by 30%.
  • Tactical Focus Pack: Reduces recharge times for all abilities by 30%, but weapons become 30% less accurate.
  • Range Enhancer Pack: Increases the range of all abilities by 50%.
  • Reaper Pack: Increases damage against enemies by 40% when enemy health is below 33%.
  • Quick Charge Pack: Reduces recharge time for abilities by 20%.