This article is about the aircraft in XCOM 2. For other uses, see Avenger.

XCOM's Avenger.

The Avenger is a converted alien supply craft that serves as XCOM's mobile base of operations, featured in XCOM 2.


Formerly used by the aliens to transport large amounts of supplies, resources (and quite possibly human prisoners/test subjects), this vessel was captured by the reborn but still fledgling XCOM, who soon used it to begin linking up with scattered resistance cells and coordinate their campaigns against ADVENT.


The Avenger functions similar to XCOM's previous underground base, using an "ant farm" interior design to harbor the barracks, labs, infirmary, etc. However, being a fully mobile aircraft, the Avenger can swiftly travel across the globe, instead of being confined to a single location, allowing it to either scan a local area or deploy a squad aboard the Skyranger.

There is also a mission during the campaign that involves the Avenger, but does not take place within the ship itself.


The Avenger features a several static facilities:

There are 12 rooms in the Avenger that can be cleared to allow the player to build additional facilities from the list below. Most facilities can be upgraded to provide extra output. The values for an upgraded facility are in parenthesis.

    There are clarifying notes below the chart.
Facility Build Cost Power Need Engineer Build Time Upkeep Cost Output Description
Advanced Warfare Center §80 (§175) 3 1 21 days §35 Heals wounds & retains soldier abilities.

50 (+100)% Wound Recovery Time.

Guerrilla Tactics School §85 (§100) 3 - 14 days §25 Access to Squad Upgrades
Proving Ground §100 (§125) 3 1 7 days §25 Access to Projects.

(-50% Project Time)

Laboratory §125 (§150) 3 (6) - 20 days §35 10% faster research.

1 Scientist: -10% research time, 2 Scientists: -19% research time.

Workshop §125 (§150) 1 (3) 1 (2) 20 days §35 2 (4) Staffing Gremlins
Power Relay §80 (§225) - 1 (2) 12 days §10 (§20) +3 Power [empty room], +10 Power [Exposed Power Coil room].1 Engineer: +5 Power, 2 Engineers: +10 Power.
Resistance Comms §110 (§160) 3 (7) 1 (2) 16 days §25 (§60) 3 Resistance contacts

1 Engineer: +2 contacts, 2 Engineers: +6 contacts.

Defense Matrix §75 (§150) 2 (4) 1 14 days §10 (§20) 2 (4) Turrets to defend against ground assaults.

1 Engineer: increase defense turret stats.

Psi Lab §175 (§250) 5 (10) 1 21 days §55 (§105) 1 (2) Training Slots.

1 Engineer: -50% training time.

Shadow Chamber §125 (§200) 5 (9) - 14 days §30 Access to Shadow Projects
Resistance Ring $100 2 2 12


$10 Allows to perform covert action and assign addition resistance orders

NOTES about Chart Data:

  • Upgrading a facility is instantaneous, there is no construction time.
  • Number of possible Engineers (or Staffing Gremlins, if adjacent to a Workshop) that can be staffed in each facility, when Engineer(s) are staffed in a facility they provided additional resistance contacts, defense turret stats or reduction % time in their respective facility (See Output Description).
  • Power Relay Upgrades:
    • Power Conduit: +2 Power [normal Power Relay] OR +9 [when upgrading a Power Coil Relay room]. Adds an additional workstation, allowing an additional Engineer to be staffed. Costs: 80 Supplies
    • Elerium Conduit: +6 Power [normal Power Relay] OR +13 Power [when upgrading a Power Coil Relay room]. Costs: 150 Supplies and 20 Elerium Crystals.


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