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Story Edit

The Avatar Project is the mission objective of ADVENT and The Elders in their presence on Earth. The main goal of it is the construction of new and improved bodies for the Elders, who are suffering from a severe muscular degenerative condition and are at risk to go extinct.

As progress is made through the game, the Avatar Project's methods of achieving this goal become increasingly more clear, and culminate in the creation of Avatar bodies for the Elders.

Gameplay Edit

The Avatar Project is a key gameplay mechanic that shows the aliens' progress towards victory; its completion means the end for XCOM. The Avatar Project can be seen as a 12 point bar at the top of the screen on the Geoscape.

This bar will begin at 3 blocks filled (on Veteran difficulty) and will slowly increase by various means.

If all 12 points are acquired, the project enters its final stages. During the final stages, there is a fixed duration (20 days on Veteran, 15 days on Commander) to reduce the Avatar project progress by any means, or else the aliens complete the project and XCOM is destroyed by unknown means.

The Avatar Project cannot be permanently stopped; only delayed by inducing decrease events.

Increase Events Edit

These events will trigger progress for the Avatar Project.

  • The Dark Event "Minor Breakthrough" increases progress by 1.
  • The Dark Event "Major Breakthrough" increases progress by 2.
  • When an Avatar Project Facility appears it will increase progress by 1.
  • After several weeks an already existing Avatar Project Facility will increase progress by 1.
  • Every several weeks progress will increase by 1 naturally.

Decrease Events Edit

These events will decrease progress on the Avatar Project.

  • Successfully finishing a generic Avatar Project Facility mission reduces the Avatar Project Progress by a value equal to the progress that facility has contributed. The value is visible as the number of red squares below the facility on the Geoscape. There does not appear to be an upper limit.
  • Most story mission objectives reduce progress by 1-3. This makes the Shadow Chamber extremely valuable to keep the progress meter from filling.
  • Details:
    • Killing your first Codex: 1
    • Killing your first Avatar: 3 (Veteran) / 2 (Commander)
    • Retrieving the Psi Gate: 2
    • Completing the Blacksite: 2
    • Completing the Forge: 3
  • Sabotage Covert Action (WotC): 2
  • Sabotage Resistance Order (WotC): 1 at the end of every month