XEU Avalanche Missiles

Avalanche Missiles are armaments for Interceptors in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

A crash program and a couple of lucky experiments led to the Avalanche Missiles, an air-to-air weapon of an unprecedented precision. It represents the pinnacle of terrestrial guided-missile technology.

– Loadout description, XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Production SpecificationsEdit

Prerequisites: None

Avalanche Missiles come as the default armament on all Interceptors and do not require manufacture in Engineering.

Tactical InfoEdit

Hit Chance: 70%
Range: Long
Fire Rate: Slow
Damage: Low
Armor Penetration: Low
  • Conventional air-to-air missiles upgraded with Earth's best targeting software
  • Warhead's effectiveness against alien armor material is unknown


  • Despite being said as "of unprecedented precision," the missiles' accuracy is a fairly unreliable 70%.
  • In reality, long range missiles have an accuracy of 18% against a low technology enemy and 13% accuracy against an enemy aircraft with some kind of defence. Thus, a 70% hit chance it is actually unprecedented in real world analogies.


  • It is unknown what guidance system the Avalanche missiles use to home in on their target. The UFOs do appear to lack clear radar-reflecting angles, and it is unknown if they produce sufficient heat for an infrared targeting system. XCOM satellites, as it has been stated, utilize gravitic detection - a novel technology.

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