XCOM EU Anna Sing
You're looking for an Anna Sing, the only person known to have escaped from alien captivity. Our mission is to locate her somewhere on that block and get her out of there.

Central Officer Bradford

Anna Sing is a VIP target for extraction in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Council TransmissionEdit

We've intercepted a signal indicating that an abductee was able to escape alien captivity, and there is a limited window of opportunity to attempt an extraction. By the time your troops are on the ground, Central should have our complete intelligence report available.

Mission DetailsEdit

The mission takes place in the Boulevard map, and Sing is located by the road work signs on the opposite side of the map from the extraction zone.


  • "You have to help me! There's... there's just so many of them. They're... everywhere! We have to get out of here!!"
  • "Help me! Over here!
  • "Over here! I'm here!"
  • "Where are you?! Help!"
  • "I dunno who you are, but I'd probably be dead right now if you hadn't shown up."
  • "Why did the aliens even come after me? What makes me so special?"
  • "Those... things... they had so many bodies in there... I just don't understand it!"
  • "Thank god you found me! I would have ended up just like... all the... others."
  • "Nooo! I won't go back! Why did this happen!? No! Stay away from me!"
  • "Thank you! Oh my god, thank you so much!"

XCOM: Enemy WithinEdit

  • This mission is no longer available as it's been replaced by the Site Recon Council mission.
    • The reason for its removal might have to do with its story elements (abductee escaping the aliens) being used for the Operation Progeny storyline. With this in mind, Sing has been technically replaced by Annette Durand.

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