The Andromedon is an alien enemy encountered in XCOM 2. It serves as a tank-like heavy unit, with significant armor and health.

Andromedons are deployed only as pod leaders, followed by ADVENT soldiers or weaker aliens. They first appear in mid-July (mid-September on Legend).


Encased in an environment-sealed Battlesuit, the Andromedon is a tough enemy that is immune to fire, poison and acid damage. The Battlesuit allows it to crash through walls and deliver devastating, albeit inaccurate, melee attacks. Otherwise it wields a heavy plasma cannon, and can launch its deadly suit coolant at grouped targets. Furthermore, when the pilot is killed, the Battlesuit itself reactivates and begins autonomously charging into melee, laying a trail of deadly coolant in its wake.


  • Any excess damage beyond what is needed to kill it 'the first time' will not be subtracted from its second-stage health bar.
  • The 'reborn' second stage will not maintain any previous debuffs on the unit.
  • The first form of this enemy can be mind-controlled and qualifies as an organic enemy. However, the second form counts as a robotic foe and can only be hacked (Tech: 80).
    • Therefore, if a mind-controlled Andromedon is killed, the mind control will be broken and the second form will be hostile.
  • The Andromedon's Battlesuit makes it the only armored enemy immune to acid damage, but acid grenades/bombs still shred its armor.
  • If you managed to kill an Andromedon's first form and do not have enough firepower to take down its second form, consider backing off and redirecting your firepower to more important targets. The suit is very slow and does not have a ranged weapon.
  • If the Andromedon carries loot, it will drop this at the end of its first phase, not at the end of its second phase.
  • The Andromedon, while also being able to take advantage of cover, destroys any cover in its path during movement.
  • The Andromedon's Fist Strike can destroy cover in a radius up to three tiles from the user, including flooring. This means that, if it is on top of a building, it can destroy the floor it is standing on, and potentially fall to its death in doing so.
    • The Andromedon can move twice in the same turn if it causes fall damage on itself that forces the phase transition. (One move in each mode)
  • The Andromedon can still use its Acid Bomb even when disoriented.


  • The Andromedon's autopsy project codename is "Levine", a probable nod to Ken Levine, videogame designer behind Bioshock. Bioshock's "Big Daddy" denizens were likely an inspiration for the Andromedon's design.


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