Aliens is a term collectively designating the extraterrestrial enemy force occupying Earth in 2035 under the veneer of ADVENT, a puppet administration chaired by members of the former Council. As the main antagonists and enemies in XCOM 2, they feature significant improvements brought on by the integration of human DNA. Having enthralled most of the human population, they wield a dominating global presence in the name of the "Elders," whose true goals are unknown.

Alien TypesEdit

Mechanical Edit

Mixed Edit

  • Andromedon
    • organic (Andromedon) / mechanical (Andromedon Shell)
  • Gatekeeper
    • organic (open form) / mechanical (closed form)

Organic Edit

Rulers (Alien Hunters DLC) Edit

The Chosen (War of the Chosen)Edit



  • The Vipers have been noted to be the true form of the Thin Men, and are clearly a throwback to the Snakemen of X-COM: UFO Defense.