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Alien Alloys are alien artifacts in XCOM: Enemy Unknown. This remarkable substance is the primary material used to manufacture alien technologies, making the alloys an essential resource with many potential applications in various XCOM projects.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

While extremely light, these alloys are also incredibly durable, far exceeding the strength of any substance currently available to us. As this material does not occur naturally on Earth, recovering it from the aliens is our only means of acquiring more.

Gray Market description


Alien Alloys are recovered following successful UFO landing and crash site missions involving all classes of alien ships. The least lucrative yields are from Small Scouts, while a Battleship can supply over three-hundred units.

Gray Market ValueEdit



Alien Alloys are required for a wide variety of projects, including the manufacture of advanced body armor, items, and weapons, the construction of facilities, as well as research projects and equipment upgrades. They are used for a total of sixty-six projects (including those added by XCOM: Enemy Within).

Click the tabs (above) for complete lists of XCOM projects that require Alien Alloys.

XCOM Facilities
Elerium Generator40 Hyperwave Relay10 Psionic Labs20
Satellite Nexus25

Quantities listed are base values. Actual alloy consumption may vary.
EW indicates a project added by XCOM: Enemy Within.


  • Alien Alloys can only be recovered, a change from the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994), where they can be synthesized and manufactured following research.
  • Many fans of the original UFO: Enemy Unknown (1994), have christened the Alien Alloys as Cydonium, named after the Cydonia region of Mars where the underground base of the alien invaders is located and the last mission of the game takes place.

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