Advanced Warfare Center
XCOM2 facility awc
Prerequisites Alien Biotech
Required Resources §80 (§175)
Required Power 3
Time to Build 21 days
Monthly Upkeep §35

The Advanced Warfare Center is a facility in XCOM 2. It allows for soldiers to rapidly recover from injuries and allows them to gain new abilities or retrain their current ones.


  • Engineer - Healing Rate +100%
  • Soldier - Retrains Soldier Abilities.


Allows a soldier to re-select all the abilities they have unlocked so far (random abilities will not be affected); takes 5 days to complete (10 on Legend difficulty).

Hidden AbilitiesEdit

As an additional benefit, the Advanced Warfare Center can give a soldier a Hidden Ability when they rank up; a Hidden Ability is an additional soldier ability from one of the other soldier classes.


  • Upon completion, the AWC will roll a hidden <ability/rank requirement> combination for all existing soldiers.
  • Any new soldier added to XCOM will have its hidden <ability/rank requirements> combination determined at recruiting time.

Contrary to what the facility's in-game description states, the Advanced Warfare Center does not confer Hidden Abilities retroactively; if a soldier's rank is above the rank requirement, they will not receive a hidden ability. Because of this, constructing the facility as soon as possible maximizes its effect.

Known Abilities Granted Edit

Ranger abilities:

  • Phantom
  • Shadowstrike
  • Shadowstep
  • Run and Gun
  • Implacable
  • Deep cover
  • Untouchable
  • Rapid fire

Grenadier abilities:

  • Blast Padding
  • Shredder
  • Holo targeting
  • Chain shot
  • Salvo
  • Rupture

Sharpshooter abilities:

  • Death from Above
  • Aim
  • Killzone
  • Serial

Specialist abilities:

  • Field Medic
  • Covering fire
  • Ever vigilant
  • Guardian

Other skill:

  • Lighting reflexes

War of the ChosenEdit

In the expansion War of the Chosen, the functions of the Advanced Warfare Center is replaced by two new rooms: the Infirmary and Training Center.

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