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Adrenal Neurosympathy
Adrenal Neurosympathy Icon
Gene Mod
Type Chest
Alt. Choice Secondary Heart
Adrenal Neurosympathy

Adrenal Neurosympathy is one of the Gene Mods in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Grants a Combat Pheromones boost that increases Aim, Critical Chance, and Movement of nearby soldiers when an enemy is killed, but can only occur once per 5 turns.


This Gene Mod becomes available in the Genetics Lab after completing the Muton Autopsy research.

Cost: §25, XComEW Meld symbol small10


  • Adrenal Neurosympathy affects all allies within 13 tiles of the gene-modded soldiers' Line of Sight.
    • Confers +10 Aim, +1 Movement, +5% Critical Chance and removes Panic from nearby allies (including MEC Troopers).
    • Multiple bonuses do not stack but additional activation will restart the duration.
  • "Combat Rush" is the title of the floating tooltip indicating the receiver of the buff.
  • Granting the bonus to all allies at once will grant the "Anger Management" achievement.
  • Does not work with AoE effects like rockets fired by a genetically modified Heavy.


  • Soldiers affected by the gene mod will breathe out orange smoke (just like Mutons).

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