Adaptive Bone Marrow
Adaptive Bone Marrow Icon
Gene Mod
Type Legs
Alt. Choice Muscle Fiber Density
Adaptive Bone Marrow

Adaptive Bone Marrow is one of the Gene Mods in XCOM: Enemy Within.


Wound recovery time is reduced by 66%. Soldier regenerates 2 HP per turn up to the HP max without armor.


This Gene Mod is automatically available after building the Genetics Lab as it is also unlocked with the Meld Recombination research.

Cost: §30, XComEW Meld symbol small15


  • Health recovery happens at the end of the XCOM turn so badly wounded soldiers with this gene mod should be wary of enemies on Overwatch if attempting to retreat to safety.
  • The maximum health recovery excludes any "armor HP" provided by either body armor or items.
  • The recovery time reduction stacks with that of Rapid Recovery allowing soldiers with this gene mod to even more quickly return to duty.

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