Acid Grenade
Inv Acid Bomb
Requires Experimental Grenade
Blast Radius 3
Base Damage 3-4
Armor Shredded 2
Effective Range 10
Effect Inflicts Acid burn

An Acid Grenade is an explosive weapon and utility item in XCOM 2.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Acid grenades shred more armor than a standard frag grenade.
  • Enemies burned by acid will take additional damage over multiple turns (Acid burn).
  • Acid left by the grenade will not spread through walls. Be careful when aiming at a enemy behind cover.
  • Acid grenades do not destroy cover.
    • However, the leftover acid may destroy cover it is left on in following turns.
  • Acid laid out by this grenade on a prior round in the area of an enemy reinforcement beacon will disappear on the spots where enemy forces actually drop, hence these forces will not get acid burns when initially landing, but likely stay put during their first half turn.
    • This is because the Acid Burn is only inflicted by the initial blast and moving through the acid. Spawning, teleporting, and similar actions do not cause acid burn if they land on an acid tile.

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