Acid Bomb
Inv Acid BombMK2
Requires Advanced Explosives
Blast Radius 3
Base Damage 4-5
Armor Shredded 4
Effective Range 10
Effect Inflicts Acid burn

An Acid Bomb is an explosive weapon and utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

The chemical additive in the upgraded Acid Bomb is extremely corrosive, able to strip away most enemy armor immediately, while continuing to damage the target over time with chemical burns.

Tactical InfoEdit

  • Acid bombs shred a significant amount of enemy armor, more than any other grenade type.
  • Enemies burned by acid will take additional damage over multiple turns.
  • Freezing acid burning enemies removes the acid burning effect.


  • The Armour shred makes the Acid Bomb extremely effective against heavily armored enemies, especially the Gatekeeper and the Sectopod, even more so when paired with some of the Grenadier's abilities.
  • Andromedon's environmental suit makes it immune to the Acid Burn effect, but the grenade can still shred its armor and still damaged by the initial impact.

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