Type Assault Rifle
Class Commando Class, Squad Leader
Ammo 30/210
Found In Second Test (Hangar 6 R&D)
Damage Moderate
Effective Range Medium
Soviet automatic rifle, caliber 7.62mm

– In-Game Description, The Bureau: XCOM Declassified

The АК-47 is a weapon in The Bureau: XCOM Declassified. This assault rifle is a Soviet-designed weapon officially called the 7.62mm Avtomat Kalasnikova, or the AK.

Tactical InfoEdit

The AK-47 is only available in the Hangar 6: R&D DLC campaign, found in the second test chamber on a crate. It becomes fairly common from the fourth test onward.

It is a fairly good medium range rifle capable of fast rate of fire, giving the ability to quickly put loads of bullets into the enemy. However, fast rate of fire also means greater recoil and barrel climb, so this means that player need to fire short burst to use this rifle over long range engagement.

The rifle in question is a selective fire gas-operated firearm with long stroke gas pistol and rotating bolt mechanics. It is fed from 30 rounds box magazine and have an effective range up to 300-400 meters.

It can take out early enemies very easily, however, becomes outdated once Laser Pulse Rifle and Rotary Plasma Cannon are available unless the player wants to unlock the "Conscientious Objector" achievement by using only human-designed weapons.


  • "AK-47" naming is a common misconception, since 1947 model (the actual AK-47) was only a prototype - with production model adopted in 1949 instead.
  • The AK featured in the game has a slant muzzle compensator, found on later AKM service rifle, however it still retains the original AK's milled receiver.
  • The rifle's in-game model also features a strange position of the pistol grip and trigger grouping, and is held in a very odd way. This could be explained by the fact that since the rifle shares the grip animation with M14 Rifle (lacking a pistol grip) - the model was modified to compensate for this.
    • The in-game AK-47 is set to semi-automatic, as can be seen on the side of the weapon model, yet still fires in full-automatic.


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