ADVENT Stun Lancer Autopsy
IC AutopsyAdventStunLancer
Prerequisite ADVENT Officer Autopsy
Required Resources 1 ADVENT Stun Lancer Corpse
Time Needed
Items Unlocked Arc Blade

The ADVENT Stun Lancer Autopsy is a research project in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit


The ADVENT Stun Lancer is commonly seen maintaining order and quelling disturbances throughout the world. Their unique stun lance could be adapted into a weapon our Rangers are already training to use.

Autopsy CommentaryEdit

The ADVENT Stun Lancer was apparently outfitted with the intention of serving as a civilian peacekeeping unit within the city centers. Although they are equipped with weapons capable of administering non-lethal blows, recent reports indicate an increasingly aggressive stance taken by these units.

Project ReportEdit

Codename: Chaplain

On both the physical and genetic level, the ADVENT Stun Lancers are nearly identical to the Troopers our forces regularly see in combat. However, a minor yet crucial adjustment to the muscle fiber density of the Lancers improves both agility and overall suitability. Equipped with non-lethal weapons capable of easily disabling human targets, these Lancers were first deployed during the earliest days following ADVENT's establishment of the city centers, when civil unrest was a more common problem than outright resistance. In studying their usage and deployment, this raised an interesting quest - if the Lancers were among the first ADVENT forces deployed, and their survivability is somewhat higher than that of the standard Trooper - did the aliens consciously reduce the Trooper's strength based on their assessment of human combat readiness? This would imply a system of rapid genetic modification beyond what I had previously imagined the aliens were capable of. It would also demonstrate a degree of "genetic frugality" that I would have previously assumed was irrelevant to the aliens, based on the variety of unusual experiments they've conducted. R.Tygan


  • 4/6/6/9 corpses are needed for instant research.

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