ADVENT is an organization collaborating with the aliens in XCOM 2. They act as enforcers of the alien regime after the "Unification" in 2015.  

ADVENT troops act as the main adversaries in earlier missions, with the increasing supplement of supporting aliens. In the later stages they gain advanced equipment and stats, and become the support for the more powerful species of alien troops.

Despite the official propaganda stating that ADVENT's troopers are composed of human volunteers (however, no man or woman could claim to have personally known anyone who volunteered), there are telltale signs of their not-fully-human nature, ranging from ADVENT soldiers communicating in a non-human language in the field (likely that of the aliens, in the process earning them the moniker "Jabberers" by XCOM personnel) to their appearance without the helmets - ADVENT troopers are largely bald with grey irises, small, almost snake-like noses, and heavily pushed-back ears. This, combined with the fact that they bleed a sickly yellow-green fluid similar in appearance to Sectoid blood was the basis for suggestion that ADVENT soldiers have universally been genetically modified by the aliens.

WARNING: This article or section may contain spoilers!

As discovered by Dr. Richard Tygan early in the campaign, ADVENT also has a psionic network shared among their troops, allowing an incredible capacity for logistics and communication. This network was linked to the XCOM Commander while they were captured and placed in a virtual reality by the aliens. Upon retrieval of the Commander, the network was badly damaged. 

When XCOM staged a raid on Aliens' "Forge" facility the true origin of ADVENT troopers, being vat-grown clones with all the necessary skills and knowledge implanted directly to their brains, came to light.

ADVENT Unit TypesEdit

  • ADVENT Trooper: Standard soldiers equipped with automatic Gauss rifles.
    • Advanced Trooper
    • Elite Trooper
  • ADVENT Officer: Elite soldiers clad in red armor, they are capable of aiding other units with "Command Aura", issuing "Death Marks" onto enemy troops for focused fire, and summoning reinforcements from VTOL craft.
    • Advanced Officer
    • Elite Officer
  • ADVENT MEC: Extremely durable and lethal robotic heavy support units. Can cause AoE damage with micro-missiles.
    • Heavy MEC
  • ADVENT Turret: Gauss turrets commonly found affixed to ADVENT vehicles and facilities in the environment.
    • Heavy Turret
    • Superheavy Turret
  • ADVENT Stun Lancer: A fanatical melee focused unit capable of closing distances quickly to use their shock lances to stun and maim.
    • Heavy Lancer
    • Elite Lancer
  • ADVENT Shieldbearer: A heavy tank trooper with a bulky set of armor who can provide defensive buffs to units around them.
    • Elite Shieldbearer
  • Sectopod: This is a larger bipedal combat platform with a commanding view of the battlefield, as well as massive armaments.


  • ADVENT produce a fast food item known as an "ADVENT Burger", possibly as part of a propaganda technique to come across as a more approachable organization.
    • The ADVENT Burger is surprisingly popular even amongst XCOM personnel, as Central complains about finding wrappers left under consoles and Dr. Tygen claims to miss them from his days with ADVENT.
    • Despite their popularity, Shen questions what they're made of, as cows have gone extinct (more precisely, Shen asks "When was the last time you even saw a cow?").
    • During one guerrilla ops mission, the squad comes across an ADVENT burger production facility, with "no clear source of meat".
    • some fans think ADVENT burgers might be the remains of dead humans but this has not been confirmed
    • Sometimes a soldier may say "Haven't had a good burger in years." What triggers this voice line is unknown.


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