A.P. Rounds
Type Ammo
Prerequisite Experimental Ammo
Required Resources Elerium Core
Effect Ignores 5 armor

A.P. Rounds are a utility item in XCOM 2.

In-Game DescriptionEdit

Hand machined from ultra strong, ultra light alien alloys, these deadly rounds will effectively bypass all enemy armor to deal unmitigated damage.


  • Allows weapon damage to ignore up to 5 armor on a target


  • "A.P." stands for "Armor Piercing".
  • More effective on higher difficulty levels as enemies will gain higher armor values. It's largely unnecessary on Easy/Normal, as enemy armor can be easily shredded with 1-2 Grenadiers or downright ignored.
  • Combines well with the Grenadier's Holo Targeting and Shredder abilities. The Grenadier can perform squad opening shots to apply these effects for others, while using the rounds to pierce before the armor is stripped.
  • Sniper Sharpshooters are easily able to destroy mechanical units from long range. They are generally less punishing to equip since snipers do not need protection vests in most cases. Can also feed kill streaks off Kill Zone/Serial abilities.
  • Since most units that have large armor values are Robotic or are counted as such (e.g. the Gatekeeper), it may be a better option to use Bluescreen Rounds instead of these, and use other tactics to remove armor such as Grenades or Heavy Weapons.

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